GotG HDR, originally uploaded by brokenglassphotography.

Here's me frakking around with the newest in photoshop fads, High Dynamic Resolution (or HDR) photography. Basically, you combine a number of different exposures to create one hyper real shot. I think it's a tad goofy, but the kids like it!

Bunny Thief

My photography!

I just posted some examples of photos I have taken over the past few months.  I want DESPERATELY to do this for a living...I just need to make sure I can support my family with it first.  How do you artist types do it?!?
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So...what's been happening?

Sorry about the interruption...life had taken me elsewhere (ie Facebook, new house, deaths of loved ones, new job, new passions, and hopefully eventually a new dream come true)!

How's about you?
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